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Nineteen weeks and counting. Almost half way! After my first two I thought what poppycock when people said "oh, you'll forget everything from a pink cloud". Guess what? I did. How did I forget the nausea, fatigue, pimpled-riddled skin, indigestion and the bloody joint pain?

If I get one more "gosh, you're big" or ''showing early, ehh", I might unleash the full wrath of the emotional train-wreck that I morphed into. Nope, no kidding, it's puppies and sunshine or I'm frazzled mess. I just want a steak for the love of god and a nap somewhere besides a cushion prop mountain on the sofa. Clothes that don't cost a fortune or look like a muumuu. The insult to the injury was my guy's response to my new only slightly more comfortable choice in undergarments.. "are they comfortable?", followed by "are they supportive?".

Waiting for the the it's totally worth it speech? Sorry, going to have to wait it out because despite being worth it, I'm not liking it. Yes pregnancy, I see you and I dislike you. End of story.

P.S. this blog has been brought to you by a preggo in need of a rant. 😬

Wood and stone kitchenware wood and stone kitchenware wood and stone kitchenware wood and stone kitchenware

How did it go from summer to fall so quickly? I felt like it barely arrived much less settled in. Anyhoo, I'm really excited about the fall. We find out the baby's sex next week (and no we will not be sharing) and we are dead busy making plans for the future. But some of the things I am looking forward to the most are the little things. Lighting the fire again, pulling out the cushions and blankets, making everything warm and cosy and just enjoying mealtime. I'm in love with this autumn Food & Friends collection from H&M. The plates, that remind so much of Menu's New Norm are on my list, as well as the gorgeous earth-tone pitcher and ebony board

Carrot cake with white chocolate glaze Carrot cake with white chocolate glaze Carrot cake with white chocolate glaze Carrot cake with white chocolate glaze Carrot cake with white chocolate glaze

Sunday was birthday celebration time and that means baking because I just can't do store-bought for the ones I love. Of course it was frosted chocolate as my guys are true chocoholics. We still needed something for the not-so chocolate lovers and so we went for a super moist, lightly carroty cake, because I can't abide raisins and walnuts in carrot cake. It was totally the girls favorite...

2 3/4 cups patent flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
400 grams grated carrots
1 1/2 fine white sugar
3 eggs
1 cup vegetable oil
1 tablespoon vanilla powder
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon salt
100 grams white chocolate, in pieces
3 tablespoons butter
splash of heavy cream
powdered sugar
roasted almonds pieces

Preheat oven to 180°C. Butter and flour pan with powdered sugar. Combine flour, baking powder, carrots, sugar, eggs, oil ( I used soy), vanilla, cinnamon and salt in a mixer and pulse until incorporated. Pour into pan bake for an hour or until risen and firm to the touch. While cooling, make the glaze. Melt the butter and chocolate in the microwave. Add powdered sugar to taste and enough cream until thick but pourable. Skewer the top and sides of the cake and our pour over the glaze while still warm. Sprinkle over the almonds. Cut, drizzle slices with remaining glaze and serve.

Soft texture

Ikea never fails to inspire me. And remind me that home doesn't need to cost a fortune. Their take on fall and the colder months is full of soft, muted colours and textures. This calm setting is one I'm looking forward too, whether basking by the fire or in sunshine..


This working name for this post was The ICSI Baby files… simply diary entries from unexpectedly the last leg of a very long process. This entire year has been rough and the reason I couldn't blog anymore (no promises). While there is still a mountain of other issues to tackle, I now have an extra reason to get back to happy.

It’s nine am, the day after our official departure on our ICSI journey, and I don’t know what to think or feel. From going peanut butter slow for so long it now all seems to be going at warp speed. No wait, no delays. In fact, we even picked up the complete arsenal of drugs directly after the appointment. To practising self-injecting when we came in not even knowing if and when we would be starting and fearing the worst... another delay, another doctor, another test. And now gearing up to get started this weekend. And if we’re successful Baby J in a month! Unreal. Need time to process. I repeat: Need time to process.

Day five of shots. The first one my guy did because the self-injected totally freaked me out the moment I really had to do. Why did no one mention it would feel like a spreading bee sting? Day two and three, less stinging. Day four, go figure was really painful. Can we just leave it at not pleasant. Day five was finally so effortless, that in my morning grog I had to peek to make sure I’d actually injected it. Yes... I stab while looking the other way.

Side effects, what side effects? In my mind, I’m like I’ve got this. I feel completely unaffected. No mood swings... at least no more than usual. No puffiness or discomfort, except having to be strict with my wake-up call. She’s such a morning person, said no one ever. Plus, I have to eat regularly and timely to avoid constant nausea. Not a big thing unless you have the eating habits of a petulant toddler. Guilty. 

T+10… Time to rename
Whoa, mama! Head still spinning. Life really does happen when you’re busy making other plans. We went for our Sunday morning run in the forest and while I didn’t think much of the extra wheeze because heck, I’m asthmatic, the swollen sausages fingers and painful chest made me wonder what the heck was up?

So, when we got home I opened my trackers only to see one said test yesterday and the other test tomorrow. I figured it must be the hormones from the drugs that are causing a delay but in the end, I caved and did a test… because it’s not like I don’t keep a stockpile of those suckers. Threw it in the cupboard and went to grab some food because of the aforementioned nausea when empty.  When I went back to get it, there was a squinty fake pink line in both boxes! In disbelief, I showed my guy and he was stoic and said ‘it can’t be’ and went back to watching television and didn’t mention it further. Of course, I mentioned it and we talked and decided to do another test in the morning.

Needless to say, I got no sleep. Six am I did my next shot and then took the test. By then my guy could hardly wait the five minutes needed. The result was another barely there double pink. What the hell to do? I’d taken ten days of drugs of which we had no clue what the effect would be only a baby. Who do you call and ask at six am on of course what was a bloody holiday?

At seven we gave up on the idea of sleep and starting searching for usable telephone numbers. We finally ended up getting in contact with the delivery ward as weekend and holiday calls are taken there. We finally got a call back around 9.30 am, telling us to come in for testing. After scrambling to find somewhere for our kids we went to the hospital and they took a sample for testing and told us to come back in an hour. Our cheapie tests weren’t wrong, but they needed to confirm with blood work. Those results came back that afternoon. All I remember of that call was Congratulations, you’re pregnant!

The next day saw more calls with our specialist as it was highly unexpected and not-standard procedure to get this outcome midway through ICSI, especially when we had zero chance of getting pregnant or as the first sarcastic specialist said "miracles can happen". Hopefully our first echo will show a happy, healthy, little bean. Baby J, February 2018! But for now, we smiling like Cheshire cats and bursting on the insides. It’s been a long time coming..

Wearable marble Wearable marble Wearable marble Wearable marble

I was swooning over the brass and marble holders from Yield when I saw the Petra collection.  Natural stone, geometric shapes and precious metals. I've been looking for a simple but unique necklace that is not too trendy or overpowering. These pieces add just enough interest to make a subtle impact. Pictured is my summer fashion musthave, the Menorca necklace.


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